Scientific objectives

The aim of the project is the development, testing and validation of socio-technical design requirements and patterns for the development of AI systems in knowledge work, in which collaborative working practices of human-AI cooperation are implemented, in particular for task definition/allocation and division of labour between humans and AI systems according to their respective strengths; for transparent, traceable transfer of tasks/work states in the collaboration process from AI assistance system to knowledge worker and from knowledge worker to AI assistance system; for the promotion of AI-supported human learning and human-supported machine learning.

Usage and transfer objectives

On the one hand, this differentiated objective enables a fundamental research approach in the field of hybridization of human and artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the meta-objective, the development, and testing of socio-technical design requirements and patterns provide a practice-oriented focus. Design requirements and patterns represent an ideal bridge to enable a transfer to user companies.

Funding policy objectives

About the research topic, the HyMeKI project outlines two of the three research topics mentioned in the BMBF-Announcement - Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning. Practical relevance is ensured by integrating transfer partners (aiconix, IHK Hessen innovativ, and Lycronize, among others). With regard to the funding purpose of having junior research groups led by women, this purpose is fulfilled in two ways by the co-leadership of the junior research group. The co-leadership can also set impulses at two German universities.